Thursday, May 04, 2006


I have not forgotten about you all . . . It’s just been super busy these days and I have not much time to write. I’m glad to see that Virginia Gal is back, wanted to say “Hi” to Merci and Justrose, and give a shout out to Tree of Knowledge who wandered over from Cheese and Responsibility (which needs to go on the blogroll as soon as I have time.)

The weather has been just lovely. My evening schedule was supposed to ease up this week, but it didn’t and I don’t know when it will. However, I should have something pretty interesting to write about after this dinner I’m going to tonight . . .


Merci said...

I like the "Placeholder" post title. And hello to you, too!

How's the new office? Have you settled in, and does it feel like home by now? Hope so!

Virginia Gal said...

Thanks! I'm glad to be back as well, though Phoenix was a nice break from life. And we all need those once in a while, no?