Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hitting the Fan

Mr. Random and I returned to work at the Random Non-Profit today, looking forward to easing back into the workaday life . . . you know, read some e-mails, open some letters, take it slow. Little did I know how much manure would hit the fan today . . . otherwise I would have stayed in bed and taken another day off.

So I walk in and read my e-mails and find out that nothing that was supposed to happen while we were away actually happened. Things that were supposed to go out didn’t, things that were still in limbo, are still in limbo. We’ve been gone since August 4th, for crying out loud! What the heck did people do these past two weeks? Things have been passed on to me with very little exposition, and the people who sent them to me are gone on vacation until Labor Day.

Also, our uber-boss was fired yesterday. The CEO has been going around all day telling people not to freak out, everything is OK, no one else is getting laid off. So, of course, everyone IS freaked out.

I really try not to complain about work here, but I can’t write anything else until I get this off of my chest. WHEW! . . . Now I feel better. Back to being positive . . .

. . . Well, maybe not. That’s right – I still have to talk about the trip!

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