Monday, August 01, 2005

Always Feeling Fresh

Two posts in one day! It's rather rare, but I just saw this in my e-mail and I felt compelled to share . . .

In the “Only in the Advertising World” category, I was reading the NYT’s “In Advertising” e-Newsletter, and was rather amused by today’s Stuart Elliott article.

I’ll be loving you, Always?
A new campaign for a leading brand of feminine-hygiene products breaks ground in the category by unabashedly urging women to celebrate that time of the month. The unique approach of the campaign, for the Always brand of sanitary pads sold by Procter & Gamble, is typified by its frank theme, "Have a happy period." The campaign takes a warm, upbeat, comforting tone, with a just-between-us-girls kind of voice as typified by some of the headlines: "Queen for a week," "Take a cab home" and "The cookies in your desk aren't going to eat themselves."

I do hope the link works, because there is an actual whole WEBSITE attached to this entire campaign. I may just have a sick sense of humor, but this was just too odd to let pass by . . .

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