Monday, February 25, 2008

Random Muddled Day After Thoughts about the Oscars

I’m exhausted and babbling, but just wanted to share . . .

***I saw There Will Be Blood on Saturday. And wow. I think I really liked that movie. Yes, it is very dark. And there are a lot of people who are very mean and nasty to each other, but I really don’t think that the main character was the pinnacle of evil as everyone thinks he is.(a) because a lot of the other people around him are pretty sneaky and selfish and (b) I could kind of see where the main character was coming from in some of his actions. You may not like him, but you can see the thought processes there and they are pretty rational. There is a scene that is shown in commercials for the movie that comes off totally quite differently in the context of the film – the scene is actually slightly funny and scary.

***Daniel Day Lewis totally deserved that Oscar for Best Actor. (Just as Javier Bardem totally deserved Best Supporting Actor for No Country.)

***This year I actually saw 3 of the 5 Best Picture Nominees. (Michael Clayton, No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood.) I felt so proud about that – I very rarely get to see so many films in a year.

***And yes, I watched the entire Oscars ceremony and I thought that Jon Stewart did a great job as host. And yes, I remember the Billy Crystal years but I’m more of a Stewart-humor type of gal.

***Tilda Swinton was way too pale for that sack of a dress she was wearing. I could think of a lot more styles and colors that would have been more flattering.

***Why don’t people write down who they want to thank anymore? I know the nominees don’t want to see presumptuous, but there were way too many people who stood up there and their minds went blank from absolute shock and amazement.

***The couple from Once was quite adorable and I thought it was wonderful that Jon Stewart brought back the woman to be able to say her piece. I thought that they were hustled off the stage rather quickly and unfairly compared to other winners.

***I also was kind of sad that the song from August Rush didn’t win. That little 11 year old girl could SING! But I also think it’s awesome that she got an extra 3 minutes on stage to do some bit with Jon. I’m sure she’ll remember that night for the rest of her life.

***As much as I hate the idea of giving out awards to people just because they are now really old, instead of for the particular work, I do think that Ruby Dee should have got something . . . just because . . .

***Jennifer Hudson’s dress was rather unfortunate too, in my opinion.

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