Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What Should I Write About Today

The week is officially half over – and yes, this was supposed to be the first week of my two week vacation. [Note: I originally typed “two year vacation.” I wish!]

I don’t know exactly what I was looking for during this time period, what exactly I wanted to happen. I had originally planned to go down to Birmingham, AL to visit my Grandma, but schedules and finances necessitated that the trip be moved to Labor Day weekend. Then I thought that I would take the two weeks off anyway – one week to have with myself and Mr. Random, and the other to spend entertaining Mr. Random’s Mom while she is here. It would also allow me some time to take stock of what’s been going on in my life thus far, and allow my brain some much needed rest – maybe even read a book or three.

The week started out hectic but promisingly. Sunday, I helped put on a baby shower for a co-worker at a local restaurant. We had over 20 people show up and a great time was had by all, except for the tallying up the bill part, but that always goes horribly when you have a big group. Monday, I spent the day with my friend, J, and actually got to see a play. We had Mongolian Barbeque for lunch, which was a new experience for me, although J said that out in L.A. they usually have noodles available too, and that it usually isn’t so expensive.

Yesterday was not as much fun. I felt really sore, achy and tired, so I pretty much slept on-and-off all day, and then I had a horrible experience volunteering at the festival last night. Nothing major, but I felt really bad about it and went to bed with a feeling of absolute dread for today.

It also didn’t help that Mr. Random had to go into work today. He was supposed to take today through the end of next week off – the rest of this week so we could spend some time together and also help get the condo ready for his mom to come. However, he is as driven as I am, and had to finish some things up that couldn’t wait until he got back. I have a feeling that he might have to work tomorrow too, but I’m hoping to be proved wrong.

So in the absence of Mr. Random, I decided to check my work e-mail and immediately regretted it, since I found out that a project which we thought was going to be put off until 1st quarter 2007, is now again on track for this November – which means more aggravation when I get back. It is frustrating and disappointing, and it continues to make me wonder if taking the new position was the right thing to do. I mean, I wasn’t going to advance in the old position, but at the moment I am not getting much enjoyment out of the new . . .

I feel so down and whiny today. I need to shut off this computer and do something else. If Mr. Random didn’t have the car today, I would drive somewhere and just walk around a bit, window shopping and people-watching – that usually perks me up a bit. I also do a lot of good thinking when I am walking - it is hard to do when stuck inside, with everything competing for attention. I would do some puzzles, but I am definitely not in the mood. I’d call someone up for a chat, but everyone is at work and busy . . .

Mr. Random is very excited that he’s going to be starting school soon, and wishes he could start right now. I envy the new experiences he’s going to have and all of the wonderful learning he is going to do. I don’t know why I’m so decidedly unoptimistic when it comes to me lately – I guess I just need to get through this sloggy summer and wait for things to pick up in the Fall.

Sorry to vent here . . . but if I can’t vent on my own blog, where can I vent.? . . .


Merci said...

Venting is good! Hope things get better. I've been struggling a bit lately, myself. Know that good thoughts are coming your way.

Virginia Gal said...

exactly, if you can't vent here where can you vent?

I think its this end of the summer that is getting you down, I know i always get that way as September looms, it is my least favorite month, must be something about repressed memories of school or something : )